Club Talentsoft 2017



Showcase your HR sucess

For the past five years, Talentsoft has presented its customers with Talentsoft Awards to reward and celebrate their best HR projects.
All Talentsoft customers can participate as a team or with one representative.

Make 2017 your year to shine and raise your company and personal branding awareness.

Promote your HR initiatives for a chance to win a Club Talentsoft Award at our annual User Conference on Tuesday June 13th 2017.
Winners will become members of the Talentsoft Blue Circle, a private group of HR professionals invited to exclusive events.

Choose your award and submit your application:

The Innovator - Best Innovation for employee or candidate experience

You implemented innovative solutions to improve employee experience, such as:

  • Continuous learning
  • Upward and 360° appraisals
  • Multi-device HR management
  • Talent sourcing and employee referral programs
  • Improved working conditions and employee satisfaction
  • Developed employer brand

The Global Unifier - Best initiative for worldwide employee engagement

You involved all in-house players, including local players, in a global HR project to promote its adoption by:

  • International HR coherence
  • Establishing a close collaboration between HR, managers, and employees
  • Customising your solution to increase project adoption
  • Carrying out an effective change management for your employees
  • Creating employee guide books and videos

The Digital Learner – Best Strategic Learning Initiative

You recently deployed a Digital Learning project and are already seeing the fruits of your labour:

  • Widespread learner adoption and success
  • Training teaching objectives consistent with the defined strategy
  • First progress, follow-up, or completion results
  • Increase in your employee engagement
  • Better productivity

How are the winners selected?

The Talentsoft Awards jury is composed of past nominees, Talentsoft partners and top Talentsoft executives.
Applications are selected and considered for the project’s challenges, action plan, the expected results or those obtained thus far, and its relevance to the award.
The 2017 winners’ applications may be shared on the Talentsoft website after the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to all the 2016 award winners:

Global Deployment award
Elior Group
Partnership / Co-building award
Bunker Holding Group
HR Innovation award
Best deployment award
Best learning module award
Best project for a training provider