Club Talentsoft 2017


The HR Lab is a non-profit organization founded in 2015, formed by a group of players in Human Resources innovation. Born with the primary purpose of being the central and unique lab for HR innovation, the HR Lab RH ambition is to enable people to reach their complete fulfilment via a sustained and profound organisational transformation. In so doing, giving rise to a social model where the individual well-being and the greater common good walk hand in hand. In fact, the HR Lab advises organisations in their digital transformation by bringing together innovative HR solutions and organisational stakeholders. This is achieved by fostering an environment where the diversity of and co-opetition amongst its members result in the most innovative results. In 2016, the HR Lab became a member of the "Open Innovation Alliance", after receiving the official sponsorships of the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Digital Economy and having signed a first high profile partnership with BPI Group, with influential players like Pole Emploi, Microsoft, Viadeo and Talentsoft.